Episode 002 - The Nunnery

The Nunnery is the songwriting project of looping vocalist Sarah Elstran. The Nunnery creates deep worlds with her voice, using a looping pedal to layer harmonies and percussion. Her performance is often accompanied by visual effects, manipulated live and projected by her husband, Erik Elstran.

Sarah told me about her songwriting process, the elements she conjures musically, thematically, and visually, and the months-long tour she was on when we met.

Featured in this episode:
Fire Dove, the title track of the latest full length album,
Space Hitchhikers performed live on Pony Rug,
and Under Mission, released as a single.

You can find The Nunnery's music and information about live performances at www.thenunnerymusic.com

Also check out Pony Rug, Sarah and Erik's live session music video channel, at www.ponyrugmusic.com/

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