With Duende, the follow-up to the EP Small Comfort, Yessirov pick up where they left off. Dramatically shaped by the solitary conditions of the 2020/2021 pandemic, Duende features a more electronic soundscape than the debut. Nora Horn once again lends her voice to this collection, and the finale Dreams includes the voices of Paul Burgess, Chloƫ Ester, Kevin Walsh, Christine Walsh, Wes Swing, Christina Tiffany, Megan Gregerson, and Nan Macmillan.

The debut EP Gallery by Patrick Keese is a lush collection of singer-songwriter pop songs with string, brass and electronic arrangements. Written and performed by Patrick Keese, produced and recorded by Jeff Gregerson, and performances by Jack Sheehan, Stanley Beckwith, Jake Roege, Brian Helmke, Julia Case.

Small Comfort is the first Yessirov EP, written by Jeff Gregerson and produced by Josh Roberts, with performances by Nora Horn and Wes Swing. It was mastered by Chris Leva and released on March 1, 2018.