Episode 005 - Turtledoves

Turtledoves is the new project of Alex and Ashley McGrath, previously known as members of the band The Soil & The Sun.

As Turtledoves, Alex & Ashley use drum machines, synthesizers and electronic sequencers on their new EP, titled The Rest Is Yet To Come. The result is a driving and mesmerizing electronic rock sound.

I talked with Alex and Ashley about the end of The Soil & The Sun, their travels in India and Nepal, and the formation of the new project. I also got to ask them a question I've had for years about a song by The Soil & The Sun called Arizona.

The new EP by Turtledoves is available on Bandcamp. You can also follow them on instagram at @turtledoves.vision

They'll be announcing another EP and tourdates soon.

Featured in this episode:

Give Love / Get Love, To Be Sure, and Electric Moon from The Rest Is Yet To Come, and
Arizona (The Soil & The Sun) from Wake Up, Child